Professor Carloff, the head teacher of Gravestone Manor School for Young Horrors has a problem.  Somebody has stolen the prize ‘Golden Wish Ring’ from the hand of the mummy on display in a locked room at the school.  Eight Pupils of the school are suspected of the crime.  Professor Carloff is determined to work out who is the thief.  All of these pupils are to come to Professor Carloff’s office where he/she will ask them all if they have an alibi for the time of the theft.  The innocent suspects will want to help to find out who is the guilty person.  The guilty person wants to stop the others from discovering out he or she is the thief and has cast a ‘forget spell’ on there self so even the guilty person doesn’t know who did it!

An exciting mystery game for 8 or more children, ideally 4 girls and 4 boys, but girls can play boys parts more children can be included they will not have a role to play (some shyer or younger children prefer this anyway), but will enjoy listening to the story and can join in with the clue hunt and guess ‘who done it’, and any games you decide to play. 

Ideal age 10 to 13.  An adult will need to play the role of Professor Carloff (Prof Carloff can be male or female), your guests dress up and play the role of a pupils at a School for Little Horrors, Professor Carloff will ask the 8 suspects their whereabouts’, they will have the answers to their questions written down for them (so reading ability or the help from an adult is required), there is a clue hunt and secrets to tell or keep.  Whilst you take a break and a snack (or party tea), there is a chance for the guests to try and find out the suspects secrets and then they all try and work out who did it?  If they guess right they will be able to find the golden wish ring.

 Who will you play?  Franky Stein, Winny Wand, Grace Ghostly, Perry Trotter, Sally Spellbound, Vince Vampiry, Pricilla Pumpkin or Wolf Moon?

If that's not enough, I have included suggestions for Spooky Party games to play, and instructions for a Potions Class!

School for Little Horrors

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PRICE £10.00        PRICE USD $20.00

If you would like an all boys version please ask, or if you would like an all girl version, please see my School for Little Witches game which is the all girl adaptation of this game).  Or see our Halloween Party for younger children.

Game includes:

8 x Invitations (for guests who are playing a character),

Non Suspect Invitations (print as many as you like)

Party planners instructions

8 x Guest Identities

8 x Scripts and Secrets

Name Stickers

Clue Hunt

Guess who did it paper (print as many as you need)


Spooky Party Game Suggestions

Potions Class Instructions.