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Christmas Party:

 Some Comments from 2005 Customers:

 Hi- just had to write to tell you what a FANTASTIC party we had today with this Murder Mystery. We had 6 girls for a 10th birthday party and after bowling played game for 50 mins-we made christmas cards (make your own santa outfits-from ebay) then the game- They LOVED it- the parents all thought it was a fab idea and my daughter said it was best ever party-We controlled the hayhem by asking the riddle solver to select one friend to help and it all went swimmingly.. I can't thank you enough and will definately come back for another -Well done, Do you have a game suitable for spring time ? There are many other parents looking for such an original idea and will let them know-they all want one now- Thanks again...Sarah



    I just wanted to thank you again for the "Who killed Santa" party.  I did this with my son's 5th grade class (24 kids) and it was fantastic!  The kids really enjoyed it and were really getting into it.  Great idea to have riddles to lead you to where the clues where.  We also played your reindeer game - what a hoot - and the left/right game.

    Thanks again for helping me put on a great party for my son's class and without alot of work on my part!




 Some Comments from 2006 Customers:

 hi just like to let you know that the class of 32 took part in the murder mystery and the left right pass the parcel and were totally involved .it was fantastic, these kids dont have a lot of fun but it made their day .thanks a million.joy


We decided to play your game last night at our Christmas Family Gathering.  There were 8 adults and 3 children, as soon as my Husband all dressed up as Santa came through the door, they were all in hysterics laughing and really enjoyed racing round the house looking for clues - my son put on his policeman's helmet too!
Thanks again for such an ingenious game - from 4yrs to 65 we all had a fantastic time.
Kind regards,

 Customer Comments about the Spy Party (2007):

Just finished our Spy Party which was absolutely brilliant! We had four boys and the party boy a 10 year old, 3x 9 year old and a 7 year old. They all worked through the work book at first in silence (wow!!). They were soon sending messages to each other in semaphore and Braille esp nice birthday messages to Dan. This took about one hour. Then tea time. In which they were concerned that the food might be poisoned and that I couldn’t be a real double agent as I was wearing slippers!

Then the brilliant hunt. All the clues worked beautifully, just difficult enough to cause a pause, but quick enough to keep the adrenaline flowing. The one they really struggled with was drawing the curtains. Then the footprints and they all pounced on my husband for betraying them and being the double agent. Took about 15 mins.

‘Best party I’ve ever been to’ said Michael as he left clutching his spy book.
With many many thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity
Best wishes

 Awesome party! Thanks for all the "ingredients" for a wonderful time.— The Gagliardi Family, New Jersey, USA

 AWESOME! Amazing creativity and suburb organization! The kids will have a blast—The Walsh Family, Illinois, USA

 A wonderful product! My son loved it! Thanks! - The DeCoste Family, New Brunswick, Canada

 Quick, easy -just what I needed. Your product saved me hours of prep.– The James Family, London, UK

 This is just what I have been looking for, my kids will have a great time, thanks for your advice, I will be back at Christmas to try your Christmas Party.  Thanks Kim.— The Rothwell Family, York, UK

My kids had such a blast with “Who kidnapped the Easter Bunny” I decided to buy the “Spy Party”, I’m so glad I did, my daughter and her friends had a wonderful time, thanks again Kim.— The Little Family, Southampton, UK.


Egyptian Mystery Party:  Pictures of Shelby’s (Alberta, Canada) 10th Birthday.  Shelby’s Mom, Rhonda, says “It was a lot of fun, and well worth the effort, I can’t wait for Shelby’s 11th party so we can do the Spy Mystery Party.”

What our Customers Say

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Shelby’s fantastic Egyptian themed Birthday Cake. (left)

And Dad, Gary, playing Professor Von Brown.  What a star! (right)

Canopic Jars Clue. (far right)


Welcome to Shelby’s Egyptian Mystery Party