Romantic Treasure Hunt

Who says Romance is Dead?† Planning on surprising your loved one with a gift, perhaps the kind that comes in a small box and sparkles?


Why not add to the romance, by not giving the gift to him/her straight away, but leaving notes around the house, that will lead them to the gift, and let them know how much you appreciate them.† Itís more romantic than just handing them the gift, and they will think that you have gone to a lot more trouble for them.


If you are planning on proposing, this is a unique way of doing it!


Also great for birthdays, valentines and a special surprise for a husband to do this for his wife on Mothers Day, or anytime you want to just be romantic - go on - be spontaneous.


I will provide you with 20 rhyming love notes that you can use to lead your loved one from one clue to the next, until they eventually find that special gift.† Nothing too slushy though, light hearted and some funny.


All that love for just £4.00, worth its weight in gold.

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